The purpose for creating this site is to give encouragement to women as they experience the pain and agony caused by betrayal trauma. Though everyone comes from their own unique situations, I’m hoping there will be something about my life experiences that can help others along the healing path. This is not a journal; it is a collection of vignettes from my own life. My stories are based on my own real experiences. Please do not mistake my stories of hope to mean that I have not suffered the deep pain and anguish from betrayal. I simply choose to focus most of my writing on the valuable lessons I’m learning while on this journey instead of the triggers, panic attacks, and overwhelming heartache I’ve endured.  lion

The title of the site, “Crushing the Lion,” is based upon one of my dreams that you can read about here. A very brief description of my betrayal story can be found here.


Because I do not wish my betrayal story to be the one thing that defines me, I have chosen, for the time being, to be known as Avalon Vic.

3 thoughts on “About

    1. I just read your story on your blog. Your description of the absolute shock and disbelief of discovery is so accurate and expressed so well. Our stories of discovery are similar in that I never had an inkling and neither did anybody else who knew my husband. We are a sisterhood, indeed.


  1. Molly

    My husband is not doing most of the things in your “ before recovery.. after recovery” blog. Even after I have requested him to specifically show action to rebuild trust . His intentions are good, even with day to day living responsibilities but rarely ever follows thru. The weird thing is HE is the one that says “I’ll take care of .. XYZ- don’t worry about it but then never follows thru. I don’t even ask him, he offers to do it but then still Doesn’t do it… ( these are things that must be done in order to just simply surprise ) And if he starts it, he’ll never complete it. I’m starting to think he really dosnt even believe he has an Addiction but just says he does because he has been caught so many different times. He’s goes to Meeting once a week and a counciler as well but other than that he has no accountability or filter software installed after 3 tearful conversations. Actions are not changing …. I’m at a loss and very confused.

    He also says he’s not struggling AT all in recovery, which leads me to believe he’s sober but not in recovery …but how do I even know that is true? I don’t want to spend the next 8 years of my life with no true Intimacy in our relationship. I’m not willing to waste that kind of time. This is also extremely confusing because he is one of the nicest people I know. He constantly will pick me up my favorite treat or bottle of wine or a snack from the store or he is very thoughtful and those aspects… I am just wondering why he can’t show up for the more true Intimate Part of marriage.


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