2015: Things That Got Me Through

The past year of 2015 will go down in my books as the toughest time period of my life. It was especially challenging to get through those early dark days of trauma. Fortunately, I landed on some blogs and websites that helped me get through sleepless nights and anxiety-filled days. I could create an endless list but here are some of my favorites.



  • The Hope and Healing Blog and Forum is one of my life-lines. I love being able to ask questions and get advice from other brave women on the forum who have already walked this path. This site also has countless resources for women affected by a loved one’s sexual addiction. This site was created as a pure act of love to serve women who often feel alone in this trial.
  • I was a bit cynical about trying self-compassion meditations but I am now convinced that this stuff works. Self Compassion by Dr. Kristen Nef has guided audio self-compassion exercises that are easy to follow and very relaxing.
  • During a desperate moment, I tried this fun science-based site called Happify. There are inspiring stories, memes, and articles. It’s just full of happy things!

hope is a function of struggle

  • Brene Brown is one of my favorite writers right now. Her website, Courage Works, offers online classes and inspiring stories. I recommend her free online course The Anatomy of Trust.
  • The very first site I encountered while researching LDS sex addiction was Rowboat and Marbles. This is a must-read site for any LDS member dealing with sexual addiction issues. I keep extra copies of the book Sitting in a Rowboat Throwing Marbles at a Battleship at home and have already shared it with family and friends who are struggling. I’ve also given copies to some of my Priesthood leaders. Thank you, author Andrew Pipanne, for your courage and forthright discussions.

5 thoughts on “2015: Things That Got Me Through

    1. Forest,
      Thank you for including a link to your very helpful resources for partners. LifeStar is on the cutting edge when it comes to resources for betrayal trauma. There are so many excellent and helpful articles to read! You are a blessing to so many! I applaud you for the noble work you do.

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